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School Bullying is a service to schools to aide in the prevention of bullying at school through collaborative knowledge.

As America's leading school speaker on Bullying Prevention for 30 years and over 3,500 K-12 schools throughout America, I have compared notes with psychologists, school administrators, school counselors, parents, student leaders as well as with school bullies themselves along the way.  This has not only resulted in a successful formula to affect the hearts of students about bullying from the stage, but has also resulted in practical bullying prevention strategies for schools to implement on their campuses.  Below are five key prevention strategies which will effectively diminish, if not completely stop bullying at school!   

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1.  Anti-Bullying Assembly Programs

Plain and simple: Get someone who connects with the age group and has a powerful message.  The goal should be to find a speaker who seeks to change the hearts of bullies, who gives the bullied kids practical and helpful advice, and who motivates peer bystanders to intercede and report.  Does it work?  You bet it does—But it is imperative to book a speaker who can do the job and has a trail of references to prove it.  Begin your Bullying Prevention Campaign with such a speaker and watch your school begin to change!

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2.  Anti-Bullying Policy

Any School Bullying Prevention Campaign must be clearly communicated with the entire staff, student body, parents, and even the bus drivers!  Such a campaign can be spelled out in an Anti-Bullying Policy, which acts much like a covenant of law.  It should include a clear definition of what bullying is, protocol for both staff and students when in the presence of bullying, procedures for determining the truth and severity of the incident, and affirm strict consequences for extreme cases.

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3.  Bullying Prevention Education

Teaching and training your staff and student body in Bullying Intervention, involving ethics and peer mediation, will be invaluable in the endeavor to stop bullying at your school.  Bullying Prevention Education will equip your students with knowledge of what to do when in the presence of a bulling incident.  There are numerous organizations and groups available to spend a day with your students at your school, or even to invite 50 of your select students for a weekend camp retreat.

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4.  Bully Hotline Online

Implementing a Bully Hotline is a winning strategy for schools.  Have a Facebook style chat, email, phone number and especially texting loudly advertised to all, with the guarantee that the one who answers is there to help in confidence.  This will be an invaluable assurance to both the bullied victim and to the bystander who is afraid of being the school "snitch."

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5.  Victim Involvement

The best prevention to bullying, in this speaker's evaluation, is to build the confidence and self-esteem of the bullied student.  As I sometimes say in my assemblies, "A bully is looking for a victim - one who cowers and turns red in the face at their very appearance, but if you don't give that to them, there is no reward for them and they will soon stop."  Strongly encourage the bullied student to get involved in school, to join clubs like choir, drama, or charity organizations - Also to get involved outside of school, like a church youth group.  Encourage him or her to socialize and make new friends.  The support and newness of not being a loner will give him or her a newfound confidence that will grow, and will be the beginning of a new life.

  Implementing any of these 5 Bullying Prevention strategies will be an effective deterrent to bullying, and you can be assured that implementing all 5 will change the climate at your school!
  Cary Trivanovich


Cary Trivanovich began his school assembly career at 17 years of age as a performer only, mixing pantomimes with verbal humor.  His success was instant.  Cary was making appearances at Hollywood theatres, international and state theatre festivals—while still a teenager!  A friend noticed that Cary had a unique connection with youth audiences and encouraged him to include a motivational talk in his assembly performances.  Cary took that advice and added a short message to encourage the students who were victims of the "mean kids" at school.  This was in the early 80's, long before bullying came to the forefront of concern in America's schools.

Cary's unique performance + message presentation for youth became so successful that he started receiving youth conference keynote invites.  His message and popularity in school bullying prevention assemblies has grown significantly through the years, speaking in schools throughout virtually every state.   

Little did he know when he began performing as a teenager, that one day, 3,500 schools later, he would be America's leading school assembly program on Bullying Prevention.


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